Neil Haley


Neil Haley is a local radio personality that interviews sports figures, authors, and celebrities. Along with his radio show Neil also offers social media management services and radio consulting services. I was tasked with the challenge of showcasing both his radio personality as well consulting services that he offers within one website. The outcome was one unified design using WordPress Multisite.

Neil Haley
Neil Haley Design
Neil Haley Mobile Design

The development of the site was done using WordPress multisite to separate information based on domains but using the same theme. Consistency across the brand the Neil has was paramount as well as an easy to manage solution. I was able to achieve the level of functionality necessary as well as making easy to maintain by his staff.

Including areas for frequent posts about his shows using media embeds making it easy for his visitors to listen to his interviews. I also included a basic gallery function and email list building for better engagement and marketing.