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ULYP or the Urban League Young Professionals is a non-profit organization in Pittsburgh that brings together young professionals around the area to network and give back to the community. The organization was in need of having their website revamped. The previous version was not mobile ready and had some styling issues that they want to have adjusted. I re-designed and developed their website to better reflect the organization and what they stand for.

ULYP Design
ULYP Mobile Design

I implemented new functionality into their website that they needed in order to better serve their members. An event management system was add allowing visitor to easily add events to their calendars as well as have a location map embedded into each event post. These types of customizations provide a better user experience for the visitors of this website and makes them more likely to engage with the organization.

I am also hosting and managing the website to ensure that the site will stay up-to-date and support is provided at all times. Hosting is being provided on a VPS to improve site speeds along with caching plugins.