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Business Support

A team to manage your website so your don't have to

In the world of technology, things are forever changing and at a rapid pace. There are software updates, security updates, code updates, etc… that need to be managed and monitored. This can be a daunting for any small business, especially those who don’t have the staff to help keep up with these tasks. When it comes to managing websites we make it a seamless process.

We take the necessary steps to consistently monitor the well being of your website, ensuring that it stays online and up-to-date. To ensure that your site is secure we install security plugins and make backups of your site regularly in case it every needs to be restored or moved. Past the basic up-keep of a website, we also offer SEO services, which we will monitor and improve upon your websites SEO.

For companies, that are looking to update their content on a regular basis but don’t have the resources to create and manage it we can help. We work with content writers that can create content for your blog, and update and add images to the posts. This will keep your website active and assist in SEO efforts.

How does this work?

Our business support begins with a review of your current website to ensure that it is a site that can be easily maintained and managed. Upon completing the review, suggestion will be made to initially improve your website. With the improvements made we shall install all necessary plugins and scripts to make your website a smooth running and monitored site.

Pittsburgh Website Support
  • WordPress Updates
  • Up-Time Monitoring
  • Site Backups
  • Maintenance
  • Google Analytics Review
  • SEO
  • Speed Testing

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