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Web solutions that help your firm stand out in the crowd!

Not all CPA companies are the same, targeting different clients and regions. Shouldn’t your website reflect that? Your company website should not only target the clients that you want but also reflect your companies personality. We take the time to understand your business and the message you want to convey.

Our custom CPA web solutions are geared towards the needs of your business. We’ll help you target the clients in your desired area. Add the necessary functionality to help you market to and capture leads. Best of all we’ll be there every step of the way to make sure your website is cared for. Start with a free consultation and learn how we can benefit you.

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CPA Web Services

Responsive Web Design

Be seen on every mobile, laptop, and desktop device.

CPA Responsive Design

All of our solutions are mobile ready. Making your website easy to find by the busy professional on the go. Did you know that roughly 80% of all internet user access it from their smartphone. That is a large percentage of your audience using their mobile device for internet access.

Not only is it important to reach your audience via mobile but Google is looking for it as well. Having a mobile friendly website is a requirement in todays world. We’ll make sure that you are inline with the requirements of search engines. Making you more likely to be found by your target market.

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Tracking & Analytics

Know who is visiting your site and where they’re coming from.

When it comes to your website there is nothing worse than not knowing. As CPAs I’m sure you can appreciate that sentiment. We setup Google Analytics on every web solution to track how your solution is performing. Using the power of Google, the king of search, we can determine who is visiting your site and where they’re coming from. This information is key to a well performing site.

CPA Analytics

What You Are Receiving

Here are some of the services that you receive working with us!

  • 100% Custom Website Design
  • Content Uploading
  • Blog Integration
  • Lead Capture Form
  • Email Capture Form
  • Social Media Integration
  • Slideshow
  • Content Management System

How We Make It All Happen

Our step by step process that we use to help turn your website from stagnant to a powerful solution.

1. Discovery

I first book a time to speak with you during our free consultation. I take this time to get an idea of your pain points and if I can help.

2. Research

Once the project begins I dig deep into your goals and business needs. I also research you competition and your companies marketplace.

3. Plan

I devise a plan to help make your business goals a reality by establishing the best methods to implement in your solution. The plan is then transitioned over to the design planner.

4. Design

With your goals in mind I begin to design the layout for your web solution that will be best achieve your desired goals. The design will also keep the essence of your business in mind.

5. Develop

With the completed design I’ll begin to develop your solution in WordPress. The development phase brings the entire process to life to showcase your final web solution.

6. Training

Before I launch your new web solution I’ll schedule a time with you and your team. I want to make sure that you know how to best use the solution created.

7. Launch

Once the site has been fully tested and your team has been trained I’ll make your web solution live.

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