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A website is a company’s online sales person that will provide your visitors with a lasting impression of your company. It is supposed to provide your visitors with information and drive them to take a specific action that will turn them into a customer/client either now or in the future. I build the majority of web site on WordPress to provide you with the ability to update and create content easily for your website.

Why do I use WordPress? Well, it is the most used CMS on the planet with a strong backing from developers worldwide making it ideal for almost any type of business. The flexibility of WordPress allows me to create truly unique experiences for your users which will be both SEO compliant and mobile friendly.

What’s My Process?

Each project that I work on has a different goal in mind and I take the time, through my discovery process, to learn your needs and goals. This information allows me to create action plan to design and develop a website that works to help improve or build your companies online presence. The plan generally includes ways to engage visitors and convert them into clients as well as improve your sites SEO rankings. I will also do research into your target market to find the best methods to reach your ideal clientele as well as look into your competition to find ways to differentiate you from them in a positive way.


I first book a time to speak with you during our free consultation. I take this time to get an idea of your pain points and if I can help.
Once the project begins I dig deep into your goals and business needs. I also research you competition and your companies marketplace.
I devise a plan to help make your business goals a reality by establishing the best methods to implement in your solution. The plan is then transitioned over to the design planner.
With your goals in mind I begin to design the layout for your web solution that will be best achieve your desired goals. The design will also keep the essence of your business in mind.
With the completed design I'll begin to develop your solution in WordPress. The development phase brings the entire process to life to showcase your final web solution.
Before I launch your new web solution I'll schedule a time with you and your team. I want to make sure that you know how to best use the solution created.
Once the site has been fully tested and your team has been trained I'll make your web solution live.
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